Flat Navigation - using the Folder Side Panel

The launch of our updated Resources module provides users with a new way of navigating the entire Resources folder structure, within the Folder Side Panel. 

You can see a step-by-step guide to navigating through the Side Panel below:


When you first open your Resources module, or if you click the Hamburger icon (highlighted below), the Folder Side Panel will appear. You can also click that icon or the close icon, to minimise the Side Panel. 




Browsing using the Side Panel

When open, you'll be able to view and scroll through all of your folders. The initial view will be your top level (ie Root level) folders. Some of your folders may have an arrow pointing to the right, indicating there are Sub-Folders within that folder.

You can also see a count against each folder, for e.g. 2 Sub-Folders, 13 Resources. This indicates that there are 4 Sub-Folders and 95 Resources within the folder itself (Brand Guidelines).


If you click on the arrow, or the row of the Folder structure you want to view, the Folder structure will expand, and the content within the folder will appear in the main view of the screen. In the screenshot below you can see that the Images folder structure has been opened. Consequently the Images resources have loaded on the right. 

All of the Folders that appear within the highlight border (reflecting your platform colours) are the sub-folders from within that folder's structure. In the example below, you can see the 2 folders that are within the Images Folder - Graphic Design and Stock Photography. This also reflects the count of Sub-Folders as mentioned in the count under Images. 

You can see above that the Stock Photography folder also has 3 Sub-Folders available. As you open this folder, the Stock Photography structure will load, with an indication that the Images folder is it's parent folder (the top level above). You can easily re-open the Images folder structure by clicking on Images.


If you open a third folder, or to a level beyond this, the folders visible will be reduced to the folder directly above the one you’re currently in, and the top level folder of the whole folder structure. Other folder levels within that structure will be hidden. To navigate back “up the folder tree” you can click on the folders above to open those. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific folder, you can use the Folder search.


Folder Search

At the top of the Folder Side Panel, you’ll be able to see a row with the text “Search folder(s)”.  Type the name of a folder to see a list of all folders that match the search keyword. The keywords can be matched in either the Title or the Description.


In the results, you can see a small Folder Icon, which, on click, will display the folder’s breadcrumb. Click on this or on the folder itself, to open the content of that folder.

You can also click the Folder Home icon in the Folder search bar, which will automatically close all open folder structures, taking you back to your Top Level folder view. 



To find out more about the Resources module, you can browse other articles here




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