Folder Search

Users will now be able to search for folders within the Folder Side Panel. This makes finding a folder within a large folder structure easy & allows for fast navigation between folders. 

At the top of the Folder Side Panel, you’ll be able to see a row with the text “Search folder(s)”.  Simply type the name of a folder to see a list of all folders that match the search keyword. You'll see a list of suggestions automatically appearing that reflect previous searches. Close this dropdown by hitting enter on your keyboard or clicking anywhere else on the page. 

The keywords can be matched in either a Folders's Title or Description.


In the results above, you can see a small Folder Icon, which on click will display that folder’s breadcrumb. Click on this or the folder itself, to load the content of that folder.

To close the search, click the small cross circle, or the back button. Both will take you back to your previous view. 


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