Navigation - Breadcrumb

One of the easiest ways to navigate through your folder structure is to utilise the breadcrumb that appears beneath the search bar within your Resources view. It also enables you to navigate back to your previous or Home folders. 


Once you've entered a folder, you can see a small Home icon. Click the icon to take you back to the Resources home page.

If you continue to navigate within your Sub-Folders, the breadcrumb will expand to include the parent folder of your current location. This is the previous folder you were in and can re-opened by clicking the on the folder name. 


As soon as you have navigated through a few folders within your structure, the breadcrumb format will update to include an ellipses (...) Click the ellipses to view your entire breadcrumb. Regardless of how many folder levels you have navigated through, you will always see the Home icon and the Parent Folder.


This popup displays all the folders within the structure that you've navigated through to get to your current folder. You can click any of the folder names to be taken back to that Folder. 

To find out more about the Resources module, you can browse other articles here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager.

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