Document Reader

Files and versions that have annotations will have a pen icon displayed next to their title. You will also notice a version icon when multiple versions of the same file are available on your device. You can access these through the info box by tapping on the file.

PDF or media files can be opened directly within the app while other file types require a supported third-party application to be installed on your device.  

The PDF reader also allows you to add private annotations to documents.

Up to 5 tools are available depending on your portal’s settings:

  • Strikethrough
  • Box
  • Pin
  • Highlight
  • And Mark

You can keep any of the tools active by tapping the lock icon, except for the mark tool, which requires to be tapped again to finalize the annotation. Once added, each annotation can have a comment associated to it, and the colour can also be changed at any time. 

The navigation panel on the left lets you view all the document’s pages, as well as the list of annotations that you added, so you don’t have to scroll through each individual page to find your notes.

On the top left, you can easily switch to other documents available, either in the parent folder if you accessed the reader while in Folder view; or across all folders if you accessed it while in List view. You can also see which files have multiple versions and access them directly through this menu. As annotations are tied to specific versions, you may sometime require switching to a previous version in order to display your annotations. As mentioned earlier, a little pen icon is always displayed next to versions that have annotations.

Upon leaving the reader, your annotations will be saved to the device. Note that documents and annotations in the app are all stored as encrypted.

To back up your annotations to the online portal, and also make them available from the web-browser, go back to the Cloud section and do a Global Sync when you are next connected to the internet. This will save your annotations to the portal and pull any missing annotations from the portal to your device.

A Global Sync will also add to the downloads queue any available update for your device content, such as new versions, or new files added to synced folders. Files or folders you do not have access to anymore, will also be removed. 

The Notifications popover provides you with details of the changes that occurred during the Global Sync.

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