Linking Custom Pages Together

Custom Pages do not necessarily need to be tied to a navigation menu item, which means they can be used as stand alone pages and linked together in a wiki fashion. To access these standalone pages as an end-user, you will need to provide a link from elsewhere in the platform, either as a resource or most commonly from another custom page as an hyperlink.

To create an hyperlink to a custom page, follow these steps:

1. Go to any custom page, and in the dropdown menu select Manage Custom Pages.

2. Right-click over the custom page you would like to link to and copy the link.

3. Go to the custom page and location where you would like to add the link, click on the hyperlink icon and paste the copied URL.

4. Note that you can hyperlink both words and images.

* Note that the name given to modules, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customised by Main Admin users.

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