About Databases

The Databases module allows you to create custom online databases to store and manage multiple records or 'profiles' of a topic online. This tool is ideal for managing anything you would normally manage in a spreadsheet.

To get started, first create a profile category, then create a custom form and attach it to that category.

Each time a user adds a record for that category, an online form will appear based on the template. 

Databases can be linked and integrated with each other. For example, Creative Briefs can be linked to their respective Marketing Project once approved across a separate database.

*Please note the below Parameters for Databases:

  • On a Staged Database the same set of approvers are required on each stage
  • Once selected as 'Single' or 'Staged', a Database cannot be changed
  • Currently there is no version control on files uploaded against Database records
  • Databases is a separate tool than Resources. Uploading a file into a Database record currently does not log this within your Resources.


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