If enabled on your platform, you can add private annotations to your PDF files.

There are five different options you can utilise to annotate your documents Strikethrough, Box, Pin, Highlight and Draw.


  • The Strikeout option allows users to select an area of text to apply a strikethrough. 
  • Users can use the Box option to highlight an area of text in a variety of colours. 
  • Using the Pin feature you can add a comment anywhere on the page.
  • The Highlight option is similar to the strikeout feature however instead of a strikeout you are simply highlighting the text.
  • There is also a Draw feature which allows users to draw on the selected page what ever they wish in a variety of colours and widths.

You can also utilise the Lock online, that enables you to keep using the same tool repeatedly without continuously re-selecting it. 

*Note: This is not applicable for the draw tool.

By tapping on any previously completed annotations you can bring up options to change the colours, add comments or simply delete the original annotation.

Annotations are tied to a specific file version so if a new version of a file is available, you can access your notes by loading the relevant version (a pen icon will be displayed).

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