About Custom Pages

Custom pages allow you to design and create custom web pages within your platform to showcase your information in a visual and interactive manner. Custom pages can integrate images, hyperlinks, flash videos or embed YouTube videos. Think of it as a website within your platform, useful for creating homepages in line with your company website, branding pages, and more.

Users can format text using a WYSIWYG editor (which means the text you create looks as close as possible to the end result, with bold, italic etc formatting options available) and use the HTML editor and/or the CSS editor options to help construct vibrant custom pages.

Please note that images or videos uploaded within the editor are hosted on a separate IntelligenceBank folder that can be accessed by non logged-in users via a web URL, so it is not advised to upload any sensitive information directly into the HTML editor.

If unfamiliar with CSS and HTML languages, we recommend utilising a designer to assist you construct these pages.

Alternatively, for help designing and implementing your design you can contact us at IntelligenceBank to discuss pricing options. Note that for design implementation we will require designs in three width formats: Desktop (1024px +), Tablet (768-1012px), and Mobile (767px).

* Note that the name given to modules, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customised by Main Admin users.



How to Create a Custom Page

Editing a Custom Page

Reusable Templates for Custom Pages

Custom Page Filters

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