How To Embed A YouTube Video In Your Internal News Or Custom Page

Once you started a new Internal News or Custom Page, here are the steps to embed a YouTube video:

1. Place your cursor on the editor where you would like to embed the video and click on the Embed Media icon. 

2. The popup window below will appear. Leave it opened for now and go to YouTube.

3. Below the YouTube video you want to embed, click on Share and then Embed. The embed code will appear highlighted in yellow. You can also edit the video size there but this can also be done directly in IntelligenceBank and is an easy setting to change. Copy the text in yellow and return to your IntelligenceBank.

4. In the opened popup simply paste the code. The width and height can be edited manually by changing the number in " ". Note that it is measured in pixels. Then click OK to save. 

5. A box with a red border and IFRAME written in the middle will appear as a placeholder for the video. To edit the size, positioning or other properties of your video, double-click on it and an IFRAME Properties menu will appear.  

6. Upon saving your Internal News or Custom Page, your video will appear. Note that some browsers may require you to refresh the page again for it to appear.

* Note that the name given to modules, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customised by Main Admin users.



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