About Filters


Filters can be found by going to Admin > Filters

Filters allow you to apply values to your information, effectively grouping or categorising them making it easier to find information.

If you use Keywords to describe an image of flower, it might be as such: flower, petal, rose, pink, nature

You might then use Filters to categorise the file itself as such:

Filter 1: File Type: Document / Image / Spreadsheet
Filter 2: Image Type: GIF / PDF / JPEG
Filter 3: Colour: Monochrome / Colour / Black & White / Grayscale
Filter 4: Brand: Brand A / Brand B / Brand C
Filter 5: Location: Indoor / Outdoor / Studio
Filter 6: Composition Type: Landscape / Portrait

You can create multiple required Filters in your Admin > Filters section. They will appear above your Resources folders so at any time you can quickly and easily narrow down the type of Resources you want to see.

Filters can also be added to your News, Custom Forms, and Custom Pages modules (should these be enabled in your platform.)



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