Getting Started with Boards

1.  Collaborating prior to a meeting. Confirming the key people who will be accessing the resources for the board meeting & what permission level they require. Do any resources need approval before they are added to the board meeting folder?
2.  Setting up the board pack - ordering, permissions & notification
Your board portal will be set with the following folders:
3.  Setting up an agenda and distribution.
By using the news/announcements module you can set up your next Board Meeting agenda and communicate it to all your Board members along with adding a link to the current board pack files.
4.  Adding new versions.
While you are adding content to your resources you have the option to upload a new version of an existing document. If you have a new version of a current board paper that you need your board members to read simply use our version control to ensure that your board members are reading the most up to date document. Go to the relevant file and from the from action drop down menu select "Edit/New Version", then upload the latest version over the previous version.
A V2 will appear against the title of document. To view a previous version click on the "info" icon.
5.  After the board meeting
Once the board meeting has been completed move all the current board meeting documents into your Board Pack Archive folder. To do this go to Current Board Pack folder > use the edit feature and select all the files. Then under actions move them to the Board Archive Folder.
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