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IntelligenceBank recognizes that every project, board or committee has a different process – depending on your end users, data sensitivity and purpose.  As such, IntelligenceBank’s technology can be seamlessly wrapped around each use case’s DNA.  Here are some examples.

Getting Feedback on Editable Documents or Media

Before a final information item is released, often times, you need to collect feedback from one or more stakeholders. 

  • When you are working on a file, once you download from IntelligenceBank, you can ‘lock the file’ for editing, which signifies to others that you are working on the file, and others cannot download and upload your version. Users can see who is working on a document and request to be notified via email when available for editing again.
  • You edit your version, using tracked changes within the file if required.
  • You upload your new version on top of the older version so you have a history of all related versions. The platform can be configured to make it mandatory to add version comments.
  • Email your collaborators a link to the file.
  • The end user can download, lock file for editing, add comments/changes, and re-upload as another version with their comments.

Getting Feedback on a Draft PDF

If your file is in PDF form, you can follow the same process as above, but instead of marking up the files in the native document, you can use the IntelligenceBank annotations.                                                        

By default, annotations are private, but you can also share comments with others who also have access to the file.                                                                         

If you want to privately share a file with a select person (or people) outside of the broader group – you can instantly link the file to a new folder, and grant limited permissions to that folder.

You can print out annotations and markups of shared files.


Getting Approvals on a File Before it is Formally Published (the document will only be released to the whole group once it is approved).

  1. Publishing Approvals can be Mandatory or upon Publisher Request. It is triggered when a file is uploaded to the system.
  2. Nominated approvers then receive an Email with details of the request and a link to review and respond.
  3. Nominated users approve or decline the file and provide details in their response. Each approver gets notified of others response and PDF files can also be annotated with mark ups and comments.                                      
  4. If a file is refused, an Email Alert is sent to the Publisher and to the Nominated Users providing details of the Refusal.
  5. The Publisher can then choose to delete the file or to upload a new Version taking into account the refusal Comments.
  6. Once the file is approved, an email is sent to all parties involved in the approval with details, and it is published in the Folder.
  7. An automated Email Alert is sent to all users with access to this Folder and appropriate alert settings to update them on this new file.

Requesting Feedback on a File

A Feedback Request in IntelligenceBank provides users with the ability to request a digital approval or feedback on a file at any time (even after its publication. Anyone can request feedback on any item at anytime.

The process is similar to the previous one described and is a great tool to gather input from various stakeholders on working documents. Multiple feedback requests can be sent on a same file to different users and/or groups, thus enabling to keep certain comments and feedback hidden from other users.

All comments associated to a feedback request process are indeed only visible by the stakeholders directly involved, unless broader permission to see all comments is given to users.

Getting Approval on a File Before it is Downloaded.

  1. Download Approvals can be enabled on individual folders and only apply to users with List level of Permissions on Folders.
  2. Users with List can preview files in the folder but NOT download them. When Download Approvals are enabled, these users can however send a Download Request.
  3. When requesting a Download Approval, the User can be required to provide information such as the reason for the request, and when appropriate, information about the intended use of the file.                                                               
  4. Approval is only valid for downloading the file once through a unique usage linksent to the User by email once approved by the required nominated users.
  5. Download Approvals History are kept in the Approvals tab of a resource information box as well as in the Approvals navigation section.
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