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Any information item within the platform, and Resource Folders can be ‘related’ to each other. This means that a relationship can be created between data, files and folders.

Resources can be related to other resources, databases, news post & calendars.

To create a relationship between a Folder and a Resource, or any other item within the platform, go to the resource and from the drop down action menu select related. 

This will open a pop up window, where you can click on manage related to link the resource.

Another pop up window will then open where you can select which tool the resource is related to from the drop down. Eg: another resource or a database.

Once selected it will then appear. You can relate 1 resource to multiple items.

Once you've completed relating your desire resource, close the navigation pop up window.

The desired resource will now have a related icon next to the title, indicating that it's related to other items.

When you see this icon, you can select related from the drop down to see which resource is related. 

To use this tool, a user must have publish rights on both items being relating to one another. Eg: the resource and the database.

*Note that the name given to tools, features and information items may vary in your platform as they can be customized by Main Admin users.

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