About Calendars

Calendars will help your team keep track of important meetings, due dates and projects.  Some of the key features include:

  1. Create different Calendars for each project and or team.
  2. Use colours to differentiate each Calendar.
  3. Assign permissions to each Calendar.
  4. Invite your team to Events with RSVP Tracking.
  5. Enable invitees to “Register” for Events.
  6. Link your Calendar to other items within your platform

To learn how to "Add Calendar" click HERE.

To learn how to "Add Event" click HERE

Calendar Types
Type of events you would like to enable for this calendar:
    - Invitation: Invite specific groups and users to events you create. They can respond by Yes, No or Maybe. Only invited users can respond.
    - Registration: All users that have access to this calendar can register to attend. You can invite groups and users, however anyone can register to attend. You can set a limited number of seats available for each event you create.
- Display Only: This is for information only and does not call for any attendance answer. You can email a link to the event information to groups and users.
+ See all help copy in the site (Add Calendar, Add Event Fields).

You also have the ability to use the search tool to track your Attendees, Event Type and the Attendance Status.

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