About Agenda Builder


The agenda module enables you to create an online agenda for your Board Meetings within your IntelligenceBank platform.

With this online agenda meetings attendees can track the progress of the meeting, open files liked to the agenda and make personal annotations against files while it is being discussed via their laptop or the dedicated Board Hub iPad app.

The agenda feature is also ideal if different members of your board need to see different items, as each agenda created can have different permissions assigned. So if different people in your meeting need to see two different sets of files, you can essentially create two agendas for the same meeting with end users seeing different files determined by their permission access. 


How to Create an Agenda



How to Add a Custom Agenda / Conversation Item

Automatic Numbering & Permissions

How to Edit an Agenda

How to Link an Agenda to a Folder

How to Link an Agenda to a Calendar Event 

Board Members accessing the Agenda via the iPad App

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