Embedding Metadata Into Images

You can embed metadata information directly into images across the following popular schemas: IPTC, IPTC Core, XMP IPTC Extended and Dublin Core. If you require support for an additional schema, please contact us at and we can look into this for you.

How to embed metadata into your image

In the actions dropdown of an image asset, click on the option called Embed Metadata. You will then be taken to the metadata embedding page.


There are 2 modes available: Basic and Advanced.

Basic displays the most popular and commonly used tags. These then get mapped against their equivalent tags across the supported schemas mentioned above + XMP-exif, XMP-dc and XMP-xmp. 

Advanced allows you to pick and update any metadata tag for these schemas.

Upon Saving, these metadata tags will be embedded in the image itself and also indexed into the search engine.

The following image formats are supported:

'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'bmp', 'tiff', 'tif', 'svg', 'eps', 'ai', 'ico', 'tga', 'psd', 'arw', 'crw', 'cr2', 'dcr', 'dng', 'mrw', 'nef', 'orf', 'pef', 'raf'.

Metadata is not supported on the following image formats:

'png', 'bmp', 'svg', 'ico', 'tga'.

View a step-by-step guide for embedding metadata below. 


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