Automatic Scoring of Survey Responses

You can assign numeric scores to answers and then have these aggregated into a total response score for each user.

To do so, start by enabling numeric scores on any 'select' field types (single select, radio buttons, multi-select and check boxe fields are supported).



Once you've enabled scores on all your questions, add a Calculation field to configure the aggregation. 

Multiple calculation types can be chosen - Average, Multiplication, Division, Sum, Subtraction and Median.

Choose which fields to include (typically all the fields that have numeric scores enabled. Any number of currency field can also be selected). If a field doesn't have a value (e.g. it wasn't mandatory), it will get skipped from the calculation.

Once you setup you calculation, you can then configure Display Rules by clicking on the tab. 


You can decide whether this score field appears while the user responds to the survey or only after they have submitted it. You can also restrict so only users with Manage permissions are able to view that score. In this case, end users / respondents will not be able to see any reference to that score field and the calculation applied to their answers.

Additionally, you can assign custom values and colour labels to calculation results. 

As an example, if your survey numeric scores aggregate to a total score out of 100, you could setup the calculate field to display Low in red if the respondent score is below 30, Medium in yellow if below 60 and High in green if above 60. You can also decide whether or not to display the numeric score at all or not.

Both numeric scores and calculation fields are included when exporting your survey responses or generating reports from the online reporting tool.

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