New Release Summary - 13 August 2015

Key Features

  • Custom Alerts on Databases - Click here for details and tutorials.
  • Custom names of records. For each database, you can customise how records are referred to everywhere. For example, all items in an Actions Register can be referred to as Actions/Action (e.g. Add Action).
  • Improved Lookup Grids - Colour labels are now supported and secondary fields are now displayed (instead of just the first 3 fields of the looked up form). This help provide more context and information against each linked record (e.g. Contacts linked to a Company profile).
  • Auto-Assign permission feature on User lookup fields - if the permissions to the tools are setup correctly, and the user is setup as its own group, you can automate for View or Edit permission on a record to be given to a user selected in a User Lookup Select field in a database form. For example, if you have an Assigned To field in a Actions database form, and select a User, this user can be automatically given access to that record. This option is available in the Form Builder - User Lookup field options.
  • Hide Option on Select Fields values during (Databases) - if you have select field values that are not relevant anymore but you do not want to lose existing data, you can simply disable these values, which means you will still be able to search and filter with it, but not select it in new records. This feature requested and funded by Cricket Australia.
  • Helpdesk Customisation Settings - Under Admin, you can now either disable all helpdesk links or customise the URL they go to. This was requested by several clients that had their own helpdesk.
  • Alerts on Survey Responses.
Misc (bugs, usability, back end)
  • Title, Description, Keywords, Unique ID of files will now ALWAYS get indexed even if there is an error during metadata extraction. Before, that would cause the entirely file to not get indexed.
  • Lower level change to our emails to better support foreign characters in Outlook.
  • Fix for Review Dates.


  • Create Alias issue in IE10 (fix)
  • Fix with option to use parent thumbnail of User Lookup in Database.
  • Lazy loading of folder structure: that will make Manage Related features much faster even when a lot of folders/files. This also applies to all areas where the folder tree structure is used (Navigate, Move/Create Alias, Agenda Builder, Clone Folder Structure)
  • Embed custom metadata directly in images. All IPTC related schemas supported by default. All others automatically extracted for search and can be made editable as required (e.g. XMP Dublin Core). Let us know if other schemas come up in sales or customer conversations and we can look at enabling them.
  • Customise entirely the Download Approval Request form for files. 
  • Left Side Navigation! The Navigate popup is now a side panel that can be kept open...
  • Custom Rules on Self-Registration: automate approval, group and division assigned based on Email extension or access purpose selected.This was requested and funded by National Australia Bank.
  • Surveys in Stats Reports: create custom reports on survey responses.
  • JQuery upgrade: fixes a lot of Chrome related issues.
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