New Release Summary - 19 October 2015

Image Cropping - when downloading images from your Resource Library you can select to Crop your image to only download a section of it as needed. 
Compression Options - you can have various compression options to choose from when downloading your images to help adjust file sizes as required.
Image size download calculation - when making changes to your images by Cropping or changing Compression options you will get a live updated file size displayed before you proceed to download. 

Custom Pages - have been updated with a revamped CSS and HTML editor, which you can open on the right-hand side of the screen to create and edit your custom pages while seeing them update as you go. 
Reusable Templates for Custom Pages - Reusable Templates can save you time when creating Custom Pages, allowing you to import previous pages into a new page as a base to edit. You can do this via the revamped HTML/CSS editor within the Custom Pages tab.
Custom Page Filters  - Adding Filters on Custom Pages will help you access desired pages quickly and easily, especially if you have a large list of pages within your platform.

Grid fields on databases - Grid Fields can now be added to your database custom forms. Three types of grids are available: checkboxes, radio buttons & ranking.



Survey print adjustments - your hierarchical flow and stage are now displayed in print outs of your survey response.

Survey names customization features - you can customize item names for each of your surveys and how they are referred to in all locations. 


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