How to View Annotations Made on Previous Versions of a File

Often times users may make annotations on a file and find that there is an updated version when they return to it. 

In this is the case, the following steps will need to be taken to view annotations on a previous version:

Step 1: Make annotation(s) on a file and check that they've been saved. You will know annotations have been saved as a pencil icon will appear next to a resource title.

If upon returning to the resource to view or add annotations and there is a V2 icon to the right of a file name, then the file has been updated with a new version.

Step 2: Click on the reader to load the file, and then click on the folder icon top left hand side.

 This will then load further options to view the files. 

Step 3: Click on "1 version in total. View history >>". This will give you a preview option to view the previous file

Step 4: Click on the thumbnail image of the previous file to load it and view previous annotations.  


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