Troubleshooting Importing Database Records

Below are some of the common issues you may encounter when Bulk Importing Database Records, or Bulk Updating Database Records

Drop-down selections mapping

Example: You have a Region field in your Database with a drop-down selection of Australian States and Territories: VIC, NSW, TAS, ACT, etc.
In your spreadsheet however you have this information filled in for every record however you have listed them 'Victoria', 'New South Wales', 'Tasmania', etc. 
This info will not map to the database because it does not exactly match the pre-set drop-down options for that field. 
Ensure that when you have drop-down selections that the info you import matches these options exactly to avoid this error.
Character limits
Example: You have free-text State field in your database and have set the character limit for '3' for this field, such as 'VIC'.
If importing a record which has spelled out the full State, such as 'Victoria', this will however result in an error as it is over the character limit.
To resolve, relax the character limits against that field and ensure that these limits are not set up unless you really require them.
Numerical fields
If your database has specific fax and/or phone fields, note that these will only allow numbers to be entered against them.
Example: If you are importing records with any letters (such as "Ph: 03 8618-7800") this will result in an error. 
To fix this change the fax/phone field type to a general text field to allow both numbers and letters, and retry your import.

Records with the same name
If you have records with the same main name info keep in mind that when importing in bulk the system does not know which record to map the other record info against.
To resolve this, some editing might need to be made to 'Name' information of your records to make sure they are different, then retry your import attempt.

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