Importing Bulk Records - Updating Your Records

Once you have either added records against a Database - either manually, or by bulk importing records from Excel - you can then bulk import updates against your records at any time.

First, follow the steps outlined here to Export your records.

Once exported into a Excel spreadsheet you can edit existing field information, or add in new columns of information*. Be sure to save your changes.

Then, back in your IntelligenceBank platform, click back into your Database name and then on Import Records.  

On the new page that opens select the edited Excel spreadsheet from your hard-drive from the Select File to Import option.

Select Update Records from the Import Type option.

Click Initiate Import

Select the relevant fields to Map to ensure each column on your spreadsheet matches a field within your database.

* If you have added a new column of information, ensure that a corresponding field has been added to your database before importing the update.

Once all fields have been mapped, click Import Records down the bottom left of the screen.

Click here for trouble-shooting tips with this process.



Trouble-shooting Importing Database Records


Exporting Database Records to Excel

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