Adding Basic Formatting to Field Names, Help Copy and Note Fields

You can use basic HTML formatting when setting up the following items on your form:

- Field Name

- Help Copy

- Note Field Content

- Grid Field Rows

The following formatting HTML tags are supported:

<b> (bold)
<i> (italic)
<u> (underline)
<ul> (unordered list)
<ol> (ordered/numbered list)
<li> (list item)
<h1> (large header font size) 
<h2> (medium header font size)
<h3> (small header font size)
<a> (hyperlink)
<br> (line break)
Note: The hyperlink tag <a> can only link to a location within your IntelligenceBank platform.
To learn more about HTML and how to use these tags, please visit:
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