New Release Summary - 22 September 2015

Left Side Navigation - makes it easier to browse through and re-order folders.

Manage Related Performance - has been optimized so if you have thousands of files linked to another file, it loads faster.

Custom Download Approval Forms – if you want to understand and track additional information as to why and how people are downloading specific files, you can create a custom form. You can also apply a different custom form on different folders.

Default Admin Setting for Public Sharing – now from the Admin panel, you can automatically enable ‘public sharing’ on all folders by default, which lets you easily email a file link to anyone. TO BE CONFIRMED

Metadata Embedding – lets you embed additional metadata directly into your images; new file formats are now supported for metadata extraction, including PSD, AI, EPS and Raw formats.

Full list:  

'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg',  'bmp','tiff', 'tif', 'svg', 'eps', 'ai', 'ico', 'tga', 'psd', 'arw', 'crw', 'cr2', 'dcr', 'dng', 'mrw', 'nef', 'orf', 'pef', 'raf',

Global Keywords – In the Main Admin Panel under Settings>Resources, now you can set global keywords that are pre-populated choices when users add keywords to a file when uploading. You can still add custom keywords per file, but the global keyword choices will appear as well.

Calculation Fields on Forms – when creating a form in the database or survey module, you can now add a calculation: Average, Median, Sum, Division, Subtraction and Multiplication which includes select number/currency/select or another calculation fields available within the same form. You can also include integrated fields from another database into your calculation (not available for surveys).

Conditional Self-Registration – if you have enabled self-registration on your platform, now you can automatically assign permissions to people who self register with a specific email address. For instance, everyone with “” automatically goes into the helpdesk user group, and they can sign in without an Admin providing access.

Numeric scores in Databases and Surveys – you can now assign numeric scores to values of select fields (checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns...). These can then be aggregated and used in the Calculation fields mentioned above.

iOS 9 Optimization & Linking for the iPad app – the new BoardsHub iPad app is compatible with iOS 9 and new linking features have been added, so if a web

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