How to Add a Custom Agenda / Conversation Item

A Custom Agenda Item can be anything from 'Welcome - Introductions and Apologies' to 'Morning Tea', to listing the specific conversation items to be discussed during the meeting.

After entering an item, click on Add and it will then be added to the agenda on the right-hand-side of tour screen. 

You can then add an Item Description, times/duration for each item, and also Presenter information by clicking the edit icon next to each item.

This will then expand the item so you can add those details in.

To add a Resource to your agenda, just select it from the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen and it will be added to your agenda to the right as a new conversation item. You can add entire folders and sub-folders if required.

Add once you have selected a file or folder. 

Alternatively you can just select folders and/or individual files and drag and drop them into the agenda on the right hand side of the page.

You can re-order your agenda items at any time by clicking on the item name and dragging and moving them up or down the screen.

You can also create sub-agenda items by clicking the item name and dragging and dropping it into the desired 'parent' item.

Once you have finished you will also need to Save, located down bottom of the page.



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