Creating Templates For Web-To-Print

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To add templates for other users to edit within the Web-to-Print feature in your IntelligenceBank platform, you first need to use InDesign to create the template and have the PrintUI plug-in installed to upload it to your platform.
When creating your templates in InDesign you can set restrictions as to what users can and can't edit. This can range from the location and style of text, to the positioning of images. Users will then be able to change only what you allow them to change. 
Once the template has been created and uploaded to the PrintUI server via the plug-in, the templates can be migrated/added as a resource in IntelligenceBank as per other resources. (Note: Template names need to be 45 characters or under when being added to the IntelligenceBank platform.)
Note that only people that have Adobe InDesign with the PrintUI plug-in installed can import templates to your IntelligenceBank platform. (InDesign is the industry standard software for creating documents and print layouts.) Once created then any user with the relevant Publish rights can migrate the template to your platform for users to start editing and downloading.
If you are interested in the Web-to-Print feature, please contact us to discuss pricing and set up
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