New Release Summary - 30 November 2015

Cross-Content Pages - The option of creating a Custom Page that combines different locked HTML pages within it, is now available. This option is handy for users who require the same information to be used multiple times across their platform, as you only need to edit the source page for the information to update everywhere.

Custom Page Type Sorting - You can now filter by Custom Page type in Manage Custom Pages. Filter either by HTML or Cross-Content pages. 

Custom Page PDFs - The ability to download a PDF of a custom page is now available, which you can then Save, Share or Print. If wanting to download a Cross-Content page, you can select which components you wish to include in the PDF. 

Custom Pages: Load images from Resource Library - In the HTML Page editor you can now navigate through the Resources library and directly insert images or copy download links into your Custom Page.

Agenda: Download as PDF - The ability to download an Agenda as a PDF is now available.

Video player updates - Some usability adjustments have been made to improve the video player experience, including a larger frame when viewing the video. Share options have also been enabled against videos. 

Databases: Stats update - Duplicated section fields are now available in the database Stats and also when you Export database records.

People tool update - You can now filter by Group/s within the People tool on your platform, for ease of quickly identifying groups of users. 

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