New Release Summary - 16 November 2015

Web-to-Print - A new add-on available to your platform, the 'Web-to-Print' tool allows you to add InDesign templates to your IntelligenceBank platform. These templates can have fixed fields that users can work within, ensuring they stay within the brand and design guidelines you require while empowering users to make required customizations themselves as required.

Email Link to Agenda - You can now email a link directly to an Agenda. 

iPad app update: IntelligenceBank links in emails will automatically open within your app, taking you directly into the linked file, folder, or agenda. 

Download options Presets - Admin users can now create download presets with custom names and specific download requirements for quick usage (e.g. Linkedin Header, 1000 * 100 pixels, JPEG, 100% Compression).

Bulk Actions update - The process for bulk actions has been updated to enhance its usability. You will now see checkboxes always available in both list and thumbnail views for your Resources. You can also now easily select all files with a single click. 

Thumbnail view update - There have been some improvements to how you view Resources when thumbnail view is selected. You will now see a drop-down for your action options for each file, and you will also now see icons that indicate if files are relayed, have annotations, shared annotations, etc. 
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