Downloading Survey Responses as a PDF

Users who participate in a Survey can Download their survey response as a PDF.

In the Survey module click into the relevant survey. This will produce a user's response, indicating how far into the survey they have progressed. No matter what stage the user is at however they have the ability to download a PDF of their responses, even if incomplete.

To do so, click on the downward arrow to the far right of the survey response details.

From there select Download PDF 

Close up of Action:


Depending on your browser, this may download automatically or require you to select where you want it to download. 

The PDF will display all questions, even those that are currently unanswered, as well as your platform branding. 

Note that admins and users with relevant permissions will have the ability to download any user's responses as a PDF via the same process, or download all via the Export Survey function.

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