Advanced: Set Up Non-Admin Users to be Able To Add New Users

*NOTE: The below steps are a general guide to allowing non-admin users the ability to add new users to their group themselves. This does not take into account individual platform Groups or Permissions set-up and thus may not apply in all cases. 
To allow non-admin users the ability to add new users into their Group themselves please follow the below steps:
* In your platform click Admin > Groups and then Create Groups
* Name the new group. ("Department X User Admin" or something to that effect.) 
* Under Rules select Admin from the drop-down and Add Module
* Click on Add Rule and select User from the first drop down box, Same Groups from the second, and tick Manage (see below)
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* The next step is to select the user you want to promote as having the ability to edit/remove/add users from the 'Department X'  group (assuming such a group is already set up)
* To do so type in the user's name in the Users box and Save
* This should now have added the new "Department X User Admin" group to their profile.
* You can now test this set-up by locating this user in Admin > Users and clicking Emulate next to their name. This will show you their account as they see it, with their level of permissions.
* Once in their account, click on the Admin tab and you should only be shown the users from their group. 
This will now mean that this User can edit/add/suspend users from their group however other users in that group cannot. (Please note that this User can also now add new users and assign them to any group - not just their own.) 
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