How to Add a Download Link to a Resource within your Survey

The below steps will help you add a link within your Survey which will enable users to download a Resource from your library as they work through the survey flow.
1/ Step 1 is ensuring the appropriate Resource file has been uploaded into your platform. Click here for help on this step.
2/ When this has been added, copy the URL for the Folder the Resource is in. You can find and copy this in the URL field for that folder page. It will look something like this:
3/ Find the Resource and click Info. This will show you a Unique ID for this resource, which you will also need to copy. It will look something like this: 0da115b36306fXXeb3b9271624975a7a
4/ Now go to your Survey and under Update Questions find the appropriate page of questions and click to add a Note
5/ Delete the 'New field' text and under Note Copy you can enter something like the below, inserting the URL and also the Unique ID you previously copied:

To view and download the required guide please <b><i><a target="_blank" class="userFormLink"  href=""> click here</a></i></b>

Note the addition of ?resourceID= which bridges the folder link to the resource ID.
6/ Depending on your required survey layout you may need to click and drag the Note field to where you want it to appear on the page.
7/ Save the changes. 
In the above example, the end user should then see this as text that says:
"To view and download the required guide please click here."
This link will take them to the Resource which they can then view or download (pending privileges).
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