Platform Branding Requirements

Here is a list of all the branding elements that can be configured within your IntelligenceBank platform. These can be updated under Admin > Templates.

  • A logo icon of 150 per 150 pixels, which will be automatically converted and used as the site browser favicon.

  • A masthead banner of 960 per 100 pixels to be used as the main site top head banner above the navigation OR a small logo of 120 pixels height to be used as the main site top head logo left to the navigation (depending on your preferred navigation option).

  • An email banner of 550 per 100 pixels to be used in all emails (alerts, approvals, email links, including public links).

  • A background image (optional) to be used for the login page. The size is flexible and the image can either be Fit to screen; Centered; or Tiled. Best result generally is an image with a size of 1200 x 600 to 800 pixels with Fit to Screen as display setting. If you would like full screen, then use a large image less than 5MB as close to a standard screen size i.e. 1024x768. You can add this image in Admin>Templates>Branding>Login Background. The login page can also include the masthead banner above as required. You can test this under Admin > Templates if you want to visualize the rendering.

  • A Watermark image to be applied on image assets as required. PNG is ideal as transparency is then supported. Alternatively, user details and a date/time stamp can be used as watermark.

  • A default icon/image folder of 150 x 150 for each tool enabled (Folder, File, Database, Form, News, Agenda...).

  • A customised icon/image  of 150 x 150 for each folder or database to be created.

  • Confirm a primary color and primary text color to be used for the main navigation.

  • Confirm a secondary color and secondary text color to be used as site headers and buttons.

  • Confirm a highlight color to be used to indicate selection and for hover of actions and links.
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