Bulk Editing, Moving and Deleting Folders

To Edit, Move or Delete multiple Folders at once, open the Folder Side Panel. 

Bulk Actions include: 

  • Bulk Apply Changes - This will open a popup which will allow you to make bulk changes to the selected folders' settings, such as Default Order, Force Watermark, Public Sharing and Enable Annotations
  • Delete Selected - IMPORTANT: This will delete all selected folders, as well as all files and sub-folders within. This action cannot be reversed. 
  • Move Selected - This will allow you to select another location to move these folders, potentially changing them from Parent to Sub-folders. 

Click on the Edit Folders option at the bottom of the panel.


At the top of your view will be a dropdown menu called Select Bulk Action. Once you've selected an option, check all the folders you wish to apply changes to. 


After you've selected all the folders, click the Confirm button. If you've selected Bulk Apply Changes or Move Folders, you'll then be able to add the changes or select your destination folder. 



Reordering Folders

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