New Release Summary - 2 March 2016

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Resources, Folders and Filters

Filters on Folders - You can now restrict Filters to only apply on select folders. This will enable you to only show your Filters exactly where you need them, and ensure they do not clutter up space on pages for folders where they do not apply. 

New Bulk Functions for Folders - Users with relevant permissions can now bulk edit, move and delete folders, making it easier for you to update or re-organise your platform files. 

Bulk Edit Resources - Users can now bulk select files and open a new view to edit the information and metadata of the selected files much more simply than clicking in one by one to edit. 

Desktop Uploader - The IntelligenceBank Desktop Uploader is now available in your Admin area for you to download as required and use to upload files from your desktop to your platform. Please read the Helpdesk articles here and here before using this feature. 

Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu: Colours - There are now new options to customise your Navigation Menu, enabling you to customise the colours of sub-menu options.

Navigation Menu: User Photos - When the Small Logo option is enabled, your user photo - if they have been added - will appear up the top right of the top menu.

Custom Pages

Custom Pages New Feature - There's now more options than ever to customise your platform via the Cross Content page option within Custom Pages. You can now create a collapsable accordion that can contain multiple custom pages in one new page, allowing the user to open and close sections and break down a page that contains a lot of content into clear collapsable sections.

Databases and Stats

Databases: Download Records - Users can now create a PDF of database records.

Databases: Alerts - You can now set alerts on database records to be recurring. 

Databases: Bulk Delete Records - Bulk Deleting records in the Database tool is now available. 

Stats: Reporting - You can now select a range to run your reporting instead of having to manually select the date each time. For example, you can now quickly select to run stats on the Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, Last Year, and many more.

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