Custom Page Specifications

Below you will find some specification information to help you plan and design your platform Custom Pages:


The screen sizes for responsive is entirely up to you. Custom 'break' points can be set in the CSS.

Screen size:
* Up to 767 pixels wide for Small (Smartphone)
* 768 to 1023 pixels wide for Medium (Tablet)
* 1024+ pixels wide for Large (Computer Screen)


Image Types

We accept the below image formats as part of the HTML: bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png.
These images can be uploaded via the CKEditor or linked from your Resources. 
We also support some simple css3 animations.



For embed videos or images, we only allow the source from these domains : (share/embed videos from our system)


For Custom CSS we allow using Class, but not ID. 



For security reasons, Javascript is not currently enabled against Custom Pages.

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