New Release Summary - 12 April 2016

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Workflow & Approvals

Grouped Download Approval Requests - Users with Preview only access can now request download approvals to multiple items at once, including from Search and Collections. A single consolidated email will be sent to the requester and approver/s both at the start, and at the end of the request once all items have been reviewed. 

Multiple Approvers Responding to a Declined Request - This new feature facilitates for when multiple approvers are required for a Publish Workflow, and you want to have all approvers' feedback recorded, even if one or multiple approvers have already declined the request and it is known that the criteria for the item to be published will not be met. Changes can then be made based on all these responses at once and the file can then be resubmitted for re-approval.  

Versions on PDF documents in Pending Approvals - This update allows users reviewing PDFs in Pending Approvals to refer back to annotations on previous versions submitted during the approval process to ensure the latest version submitted covers all the requested changes.


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