Search Scoring Factors

We currently have a point system in place for search results, which helps order matching terms by highest to lowest score. 

Some basic scoring factors include:

  • How many times a search term appears in a document.
  • How many matching terms that are rarer versus more common terms.
  • How many terms within a multi-term search match. 

Currently 'date' is not a factor, however, this will be included as part of a search upgrade coming soon, which will then give a scoring "boost" to newly added resources. 

Terms matching titles and keywords are also included in the scoring of search results.

The scoring metrics are as below:

  • Unique ID: 2.5
  • Title: 2.5
  • Description: 2.3
  • Keywords: 0.3
  • Content: 0.25
  • Metadata: 0.10
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