AWS Ingestion Process for Physical Data Migration

This process is the most appropriate method for any amount of data exceeding 100GB (as it would take days or weeks to upload via a normal internet connection otherwise).
For data below 100GB you can use our Desktop Uploader. Click here to read more.
In order to migrate all your Stock content to IntelligenceBank, please discuss this the Customer Success Team.
If you have over 100GB to upload, and choose to opt for the AWS Ingestion process, we will need to have it copied on physical hard drives and sent to Amazon Web Services for ingestion in the back end. 
To prepare for the process, we would need the following:
1. An estimate of the total volume of data that is to be migrated, in Gigabytes or Terabytes of data.
2. The attached form completed for each device that will need to be sent to Amazon.
Upon reception of this form, we will submit a job request to Amazon Web Services - once it is received and accepted, you will receive an email from us with the following information for each device:
- A prepaid shipping label.
- The packing slip which is to go in the package.
- A signature file to be copied to the root area of the hard drive.
Note the following:
1. File names must use UTF-8 encoding.
2. Amazon requires the USB cable and/or power brick for each hard drive. 
3. Once the device arrives at AWS, the data is usually loaded within 2 business days. We can then begin the process of importing it to your IntelligenceBank.
4. Following the import AWS will erase all files from the device and ship it back to you.
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