Setting up a Custom URL for your IntelligenceBank platform

For pricing options for a Custom URL, please speak to the Customer Success Manager on
For setting up a fully custom URL for accessing your IntelligenceBank platform, there are 2 main URL options:
- A sub-domain of an existing domain you own e.g. 
- An entirely new domain that you purchase e.g.
IntelligenceBank only functions on sites that are https/have a SSL certificate attached to their domain / sub-domain so the process essentially consists of providing us with that SSL certificate and then redirecting your DNS records for that URL to our servers. For sub-domains of an existing domain, it is common practice to get a separate certificate and private key as your hosting team would probably not want to share this information with third-parties.
- The first step is to generate the private key and the 'certificate request' which you will then use to purchase the SSL certificate. The request is a text file that is then submitted to the certificate provider and includes information about the company/person who is applying for the certificate, and it is signed by a special private key, so that only when the key and the certificate are together does the certificate perform it’s function. We can do this for you or this can also be done internally.
- With this information, we will generate the certificate request (which is just a text file)  and we will send it to you. You will then have to go to a certificate provider (like GeoTrust) and buy a certificate for the required domain (either specific or a wildcard one as explained above). You will be required to paste the information from the certificate at some point during the process.
- Once the certificate provider has checked the credentials (usually takes a few days), you will get a certificate, which is a text file. You will then need to provide that to us and we will then load that file, and the private key, onto the web servers (and the load balancer) so that all traffic between your site and a user’s browser is encrypted (which is what a SSL certificate is required for). 
- Finally, we will provide you with the alias of our load balancer that you will then use to update your DNS record for the URL (so it points to our servers instead of your website's). This would need to be implemented by the team or company that manages the domain of the URL used. We can provide you with the required information as soon as you have a contact confirmed.

If you do not have a SSL certificate already then we can generate a certificate request for you, which you can then use to apply for a certificate. In order to create the certificate request IB will need the following data from you:





Provide the URL to be used as your custom URL.


Common Name

The fully qualified domain name for your web server. This must be an exact match.

If the URL is to be, then the common name must be If a wildcard certificate is required then prefix the domain with an asterisk, e.g. *


The exact legal name of your organization. Do not abbreviate your organization name.


Organization Unit

Section of the organization.

IT … this is not a required field.

City or Locality

The city where your organization is legally located.


State or Province

The state or province where your organization is legally located. Cannot be abbreviated.



The two letter ISO abbreviation for your country.



Email address for contact person



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