Agenda Sync

When creating an Agenda you can pre-populate your agenda items from one of your platform folders.

The agenda constantly syncs with the chosen folder, ensuring your agenda items will mirror the order of the resources/files listed there.

> To create an Agenda based on the contents of your folder, click to create a new agenda. 

> Under Select Content select the Synced option.

> Select the folder you wish to sync to your new Agenda



> Either 'drag and drop' the selected folder directly to your agenda area on the right or click Add/Update below. If you select a new folder and update, any existing agenda content will get replaced.

>  You can only sync your agenda to one 'parent' folder, however sub-folders will also be included. 

Description, Start Date, End Date and Owner, can still be added to each item, and will be persistently associated to an item, even if the related item gets moved, renamed, or reordered in its parent synced location.

> From here you may need to de-select the Automatic Numbering option if your files have been pre-numbered. 

> Remember to Save when completed.

Now when files are re-ordered, deleted, or updated, this will automatically reflect through to your agenda without further editing being required. 

Note: Custom Items will not be available for Synced Agendas. 


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