New Release Summary - 7 December 2016

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Duplicate File Warning

Your IntelligenceBank platform has the smarts to know if you are uploading a file that already exists on your platform, and a warning will now appear upon upload of such a file. This is an intelligent way to save clutter on your platform and keep entries limited to 'one source of truth'.  

Download Composite Images

At a click of a button your users have the ability to download a 'comp', or composite image, from the Preview or Carousel view of an image file, to use as a placeholder for mock ups, drafts, etc.


Editable Shared Collections

Your Shared Collections can now be edited by other registered users, so they can help shape a Collection by adding or removing items to it, making collaboration on your platform even easier.  

Usage Reporting

Email Tracking

Keep track of who has sent internal and public email links from your platform, see exactly who these emails have been sent to and when, and for internal emails to your platform users you can now even track when they have accessed the item. 


Other notable items included in this release:


Share & Embed: Facebook update
We’ve also updated our Facebook API, so the title and description of the image posted via IntelligenceBank onto Facebook will now appear automatically and displays beautifully.
Calendar: Events Updates
An organiser in an event can be changed to another user who has Publish permissions for that calendar, should the original organiser perhaps be on leave, has left the business, or be suspended on the platform. 
Resources: Aliases / Moving Resources action options
A functionality improvement has been added so that once an Alias has been created or a file moved, the system will check if you want to be taken to the folder you have added the alias to / moved the file to, or allow you to stay in the same location. This also works when adding items into your Collections.  
Resources: Bulk Upload update
When using the bulk uploader, after selecting your files, you can now add details such as keywords and review dates and click on 'Apply to Selected' to apply these changes to the files before you 'Save' and upload them.
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