Download Composite Images

Users have the ability to download a 'comp', or composite image, from the Preview or Info Preview page of an image file, which they may need to use as a placeholder for mock-ups, drafts, etc.

Once a file is opened in your Preview or Info Preview view, simply hover over the image and a Download Comp button will appear. 

Preview page example:


Info page example:


Click the Download Comp button to download your composite image.

To download a composite image, click the Preview icon to view your image

Hover over the image and click <span class=""><i><b>Download Comp. </b></i>This will automatically download a composite image</span>


Note that if you have Watermarks enabled on a file, then the Comp will download with this across the image also.



This feature is only available for images that support preview generation. 

There is no download approval on Comp images. Users with any level of permissions will be able to download Comp images. 


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