New Release Summary - 30 March 2017

The newest updates to your platform feature image auto-tagging, auto-folder creation for databases, collapsible agendas, chunk upload & upgrades to file size limits. 

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Image Auto-Tagging

The Image Auto-tagging feature automatically attributes keywords to images, scanning for relevant keywords that match the image.

When uploading an image, auto-tags are located in the same area as your normal keywords. They are easy add, remove and view. Auto-tagging can also occur when editing an image on the platform. 

Enabled via Admin > Settings, this feature can be set as the Default behaviour, so that any image uploaded individually or as part of a Bulk Upload will be tagged by default. Platform Admin’s can also select the level of relevance of the tags, a stricter relevance will usually make the tags more specific and less numerous. 

Tags for each client are currently limited to 1,000 calls per month. To increase this limit contact us for further information. 


Universal Drag & Drop Connector

The IntelligenceBank Universal Drag & Drop Connector is a browser extension currently available for Chrome browsers that lets you quickly and easily insert your IntelligenceBank files into any third-party web application that supports drag & drop.

Support for other browsers will be added in the coming weeks and months.

To discuss adding this new feature to your platform please contact us at



Collapsible Agenda Headers

Your Agendas now contain an option to enable first level agenda items as Collapsible Headers. This allows you to navigate your agenda more easily and rapidly, especially when you have very long agendas. You can enable or disable this setting when creating your Agenda. By default, the top header in an Agenda will be open when you open the Agenda



When a Database/Register has a Sequence ID field enabled the database can now be set to automatically create a Folder or folder structure anytime a new record/entry is added to one of your project databases, making it easier to manage a larger number of supporting documents

When a record is added, the folder is then automatically created with the same custom permissions.


Other notable items recently released:


Resources: Upload Upgrade

Files up to 10GB can now be uploaded using Chrome, Firefox & Safari. IE11+ limits are up to 4GB. The upload process has been upgraded to better support large files, which will resume their upload automatically to where it left off if the upload was interrupted.

Resources: Folder Re-Ordering Update

Non Main Admin users can now reorder the folders in the Navigate Panel if they have Admin Permission on that Parent folder, and any access to All sub-folders underneath it (Preview+).

Surveys: Hierarchical Surveys 

We’ve made adjustments to the hierarchy creation process for improved scalability (for non-merged flows only). Un-merged flows can now be seen one at the time, improving speed when your survey has a lot of flows in a hierarchical survey (e.g. Control Self-Assessment surveys).

Workflow / Approvals: History on PDF downloads

On the PDF downloads for Database Records or Surveys responses, the Workflow history will be displayed in a table on the last page (if available). This will display the relevant action, date, stage, user and any comments inputted.

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