Date Search options in Stats Reporting Conditions

When building reports in Stats (or Reporting), you can report on a specific time period or select a range. 

Date Fields:

- Custom Form Date Fields
- Review Date (Resources)
- Required By (Workflows)
- Needed Until (Workflows)
- Date Create/Created Time (Resources, Surveys, Databases)
- Last Updated (Resources, Surveys, Databases, Workflows)
- Resource Date (Resources)
- Requested Time (Workflows)
- Complete Time (Workflows)

Based on the above list of available date fields, certain options from the below Date Range list will be available to select. 


Ranges Include:

- Today
- Last 7 days
- Last 30 days
- Last 60 days
- Last 90 days
- This year (past) ie since 1/01 of the current year
- Next 7 days
- Next 30 days
- Next 60 days
- Next 90 days
- This year (future) ie until 31/12 of the current year
- This year (elapsed) ie until today this year
- Last Year (2015)
- Next Year (2017)



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