New Release Summary - 17 August 2016

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Custom Pages

Image Gallery Widget

An exciting new widget has been added to our suite of Custom page tools which allows you to insert a dynamic image gallery into your Cross-Content pages. Link this to any folder and watch as it flicks through the first 40 resources from any folder on your platform. A perfect way to showcase updated branding, new campaign photos, or a best practice gallery.  


Javascript Options

While custom pages will automatically strip-out Javascript due to possible security concerns, we now have a new 'Whitelisting' process whereby JS code can be reviewed and verified by our developers on a custom page-by-page basis. This enables you to enhance your custom page content to include more eye-popping designs and functionality. Contact Us for pricing information.  


Board Portals - Agenda

Agenda Sync

IntelligenceBank can now save you even more time by pre-populating an agenda from one of your platform folders. The agenda constantly syncs with the chosen folder, ensuring your agenda items will always mirror the resources/files listed there so that your Board Members and Directors are always seeing the most up to date agenda information and related files.  

Admin > Users

Update to User Search Options 

As well as searching by Group, Division, and User Status, users with Admin access can now also filter your user list based on users who have never created a password and logged into the site - handy information to know ahead of platform launches (you can re-send the Welcome message to those who need it) or when doing an audit on your platform users and usage. 

Other notable items included in this release


Surveys: Launch a New Campaign
In the Survey module you can now opt to launch a survey campaign immediately - a handy feature especially when testing or conducting UATs of a new survey.  
Database / Surveys: Auto Hyperlinking 
Website or emails addresses entered in a database record or a survey response are now auto hyperlinked, even those appearing in free-type 'Text' fields. 
Resources: Multi-Select
We now feature another way to bulk select/unselect your images and file Resources. By holding Shift when selecting a checkbox all items in between this and the next checkbox you select should also get selected/unselected. 
Resources: Display Unique ID
You can now use the Unique ID behind a Resource (that our system assigns as it gets loaded onto the platform) as the key reference point. It can now be featured as a key information when viewing your assets. This setting can be found under Admin > Settings. 
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