Navigation Updates

With a new user experience, the Resources module on your platform introduces a number of new components and features of the navigation.

Folder Side Panel

When you first enter your Resources module, you’ll see all your top level folders in the main view and in the Folder Side Panel. You can use the Folder Side Panel to navigate through your folders quickly, as well as searching for specific folders.


Folder/Resource Switch

Clicking into a folder will present the user with different views, depending on the content available within the folder. By default, your Resources will always appear as the first thing you see when entering a folder. If no Resources are available, you will see your Sub-Folders, or options to add new content.

When you have both Sub-Folders and Resources within a folder, a Folder/Resource switch appears at the top left of your page. This allows you to switch between your Resources and your Sub-Folder views. In the example below you can see that you’re within the Images folder, which has both options available. Your current folder title always appears at the top of your page.


You can click the Folder switch to be taken to your Sub-Folders view or use the Folder Side Panel to navigate.



Please note that if you have Agendas within your folder, these will be the default view. 

To read more about this aspect of the navigation, click here



Next to the Folder/Resource switch, you’ll see a small breadcrumb. This enables you to easily navigate back to the parent folder, ie the folder above your current option in the folder structure. If you’re within a top level folder (so it’s at the top of the folder structure), you can see a Home icon. Click that to take you back to your Resources home page.

If you’re a few folders within your structure, the breadcrumb format will update to include an ellipses (...) Click this to view your entire breadcrumb. No matter how many folder levels you have navigated through, you will always see the Home icon and the Parent Folder.

Example of the Standard Breadcrumb you'll see when you're a few Folder levels down:


Example when the user has clicked the ellipses (...). This popup displays all the folders within that structure that you've navigated through to get to your current folder. You can click any of the folder names to be taken back to that Folder. 


To read more about the Breadcrumb, please click here.

Sorting your Resources

On the right hand side of your page are the sorting options for your Resources. This will default to the option in your Folder settings. As a user you can update your selection to Last Updated, Resource Date or Alphabetical, as well as deciding the order of that option.


If you've done a keyword search, the default option will be to sort your Resources based on their relevance to your keyword. 

You can also sort your Folders; choosing between Alphabetical order, Date Created, or the Custom order set in your Admin/Folder settings. 


To find out more about the Resources module, you can browse other articles here. You can also click through the guide below to see how you can navigate easily through the site. 



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